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The Story of a Dreamer

Meet the Woman Behind the Shop 

Purple Chrysanthemums
Image by Laura Kapfer

I learned to read at the age of four. My mum spent countless hours with me, reading to me and with me, and to date it's one of the best gifts she's ever given me. 

She also taught me how to sew, and though i can't really call myself an expert, I have her right next to me every step of the way, reminding me to always backstitch. 

This company was born from the idea that self care and reading should come together in a syngergy the likes I hadn't seen before. To gather bookish themes and turn them into self care products- lip balms, soaps, candles, and the like, and to enjoy in our own self care routines. 

We live in a world that is slowly coming to the realization that if we don't take care of ourselves, we're doing ourselves a disservice. We have to make it a priority to take care of ourselves, body mind and spirit, and truly nurture ourselves amongst the chaos. 

Books are an escape for me, as they are for many others. Self care is something that I personally am always working on, and I hope that when you purchase one of my products, you feel all of the love and the care that was put into it, and that it encourages you to take an extra few moments out of your day to remind yourself just how awesome you are. 

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